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We wish to offer our deepest thanks and appreciation to all those wonderful teachers, parents and students who took the time and made the effort to send in their thoughts and comments on their experience with our educational events.

“The Knights of Valour provide a very educational and interactive program. My grade 4 students had a very memorable experience. They found the jousting, sword fighting and birds of prey demonstrations in the morning very exciting. The educational pods in the afternoon gave the students the opportunity to see medieval weapons, armour, siege weapons, birds of prey and war horses up close. All of the presenters were extremely knowledgeable and it was very obvious they love what they do. Having the kids dress up in medieval costumes made for a more authentic and realistic experience. As a grade 4 teacher, I feel that this learning program is much more educational and interactive than other medieval field trips I have been on in the past.”

Thanks again from Dave, a teacher in Brampton

“Hi Christine! I just wanted you to know and pass on to the Knights of Valour presenters that we thoroughly enjoyed our medieval adventure yesterday! The show was fantastic, so well-organized, authentic and entertaining! The educational pods were also great – very informative and interesting. The cost was very reasonable and the venue was perfect. It was such a valuable experience, the kids and parent chaperones loved it! Hopefully, the Knights of Valour will keep coming back every year because we will definitely go! Thanks so much!"

From Kelly, a grade 3&4 teacher from Waterford

“Thanks Christine and the Knights of Valour troupe for a great day! Our kids all had a super time and my parents were very impressed. Thanks for all you did to make it a great day.”

From Jane, a grade 4 teacher in Waterloo

“Christine: We had a great day today! The kids had a blast and they certainly didn't want to go back to school. The information in the pods was wonderful and informative. The students loved seeing the joust and it really gave them a better understanding of medieval times as a whole. They were so thrilled to win the costume contest. They are already asking when the picture is going to arrive. I told them they would have to wait for the mail! Then we’ll post it in the school! I really hope there will be a next year as we had a wonderful time and would love to come back again. Please send out information or email me when you start your planning for next spring. I will be sure to book my class in again.”

From Angela

“Honestly, we have been to other medieval class trips but I would say that the involvement of the students and the hands-on approach was far more valuable. The Knights of Valour allowed for close up contact with some of the ‘safe’ elements of learning. The ability to ask questions was valuable too. You could see that the variety of offerings gave each student a chance to really zero in on their own interests as well as learn more about others. The fact that the venue comes to you really makes it more affordable too. Bussing is not such a great distance and therefore not a limitation.”

From Shyrose, a parent from Orangeville

“I wanted to email and let you know what an amazing day we had in Orangeville! It was great to have knowledgeable people who also were able to relate to the students. Having a larger group event and smaller learning groups was also an excellent and effective combination. We wished the afternoon sessions could have been longer as the students wanted to ask more questions….especially at the weapons and armour station. It was also very helpful having you on the other end answering all my questions. We heard about this just 2 weeks ago and it was very appreciated that you were able to respond quickly and efficiently. Thank you so much to you and the troupe for putting all this together and making it affordable for everyone! I will be passing on the quality of experience to schools that go to other medieval programs instead of this awesome event!”

From Erin, a teacher from Orangeville

“We very much enjoyed the Knights of Valour presentation last week – thank you all for the fun educational experience! Some of the kids did say it was the best field trip ever!”

From Darcie, a grade 4 teacher

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say what a fabulous event this was! Our students and staff absolutely loved the entire venue. It was interactive and engaging. I personally was enthralled by the horses. (I grew up with horses and find them to be magnificent animals.) I also conveyed to Shane what a wonderful experience it was right from the start; from taking the teacher off the bus for a gold coin reward (which got the students into the time period immediately) to showing the various weapons of the era. The cost was an absolute bargain! In the past, schools in this area have paid $50 or more per student to attend other medieval venues and that did not include the bussing cost. That made it not only a costly trip, but a long day of travel, and did not come close to the experiences we had with the Knights of Valour! I really hope that you come back to the area next year, as I know that there would be many schools again interested in attending.”

From Jillian, a grade 5-6 teacher/literacy coach, Near North District School Board

“Just wanted to let you know what a great day we had today at the Knights of Valour!! The students were so excited and so engaged all day. It brought the Medieval Era to life in a way the kids will always remember. The jousting! The birds! The horses! The weapons! – so realistic. I was so impressed with all the KOV folks staying so true to character. The cost was exceptionally reasonable and affordable for our students. Please come back to our North Bay/Powassan venue again next year. We will be there in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for the very memorable, informative and entertaining day.”

From Jennifer, a teacher in North Bay

"Dear Mr. Adams and Troupe:

Thank you so very much for coming into the Brantford area. My youngest son, Andrew, was excited to finally get to see your knights and horses. He attends Grade 4 in Brantford. We are great fans of your show ‘Full Metal Jousting’. He never thought that he would actually be in attendance for one of your jousting events. When he found out, via my facebook, that your school tour and television show are from the same Mr. Adams…Andrew was thrilled! When Mr. Adams stepped onto our bus, I thought my son would faint! Andrew was so excited, I think he broke the decibel barrier when we arrived at our seats in the indoor arena this morning. He really liked Sir Theodore, Sir Kenneth and Sir Ripper. Also, learning about falconry was wonderful. We see a great number of hawks and owls near where we live. The siege weapons were also a big hit, especially the demonstration with the trebuchet. It was so great! I know Andrew was hoping to see Mr. Adams on Dragon or Crispin. At least he was able to have a sword signed by Mr. Adams. (and Sir Kenneth, Sir Ripper, Sir Zachary & Sir Theodore). When signing our 2 swords (one for my older son), Mr. Adams asked Andrew if he had watched the latest episode of “FMJ”. Andrew had not, so when Mr. Adams said that it will be aired again that evening, Andrew told him that he definitely would. That’s all I heard about on the bus back to school. I was surprised that Andrew didn't ask Mr. Adams to sign his face or something! Excitement times a thousand! I guess what I am trying to say is that I am very grateful to you and your troupe. You have opened the eyes of my son to a part of history that most children do not seek out. My son and I will be telling anyone and everyone about our wonderful experience today. We enjoyed the day and learned a great deal. Thank you and please come back this way again!”

From Shannon and her very happy 9½ year old son, Andrew!

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